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Greater scrutiny of investment and business issues, more timely and accurate reporting and a culture of delivering impartial news will not only help drive demand for investment climate reform, but also boost investor confidence in business environments-Omari Issa, CEO Investment Climate Facility for Africa(African Business Magazine. March, 2008)


We’re all in it together, but who is solving the real problem?

Hardly does one read the blogs, newspapers, emails or even watch TV or listen to the radio without hearing our fellow Africans complain about their experiences with foreign media. In “More Than Humanitarianism: A Strategic U.S. Approach towards Africa” (2006), the U.S Council on Foreign Relations captured the essence of this issue and stated in its Africa Task Force Report that:

Much of the public’s attention on Africa focuses on humanitarian emergencies. But just as important are the emerging trends towards democracy and better governance over the past twenty years that are transforming many African countries

More than griping about the issue, since 2004 Africa Agenda has worked tirelessly to promote positive images of Africa in the news, especially around Metro Denver. With limited resouces, we’ve held many events and continue to research what is taking place in Africa, while engaging students, professors, journalists, organizations and communities to take a closer look at news about Africa.  Africa Agenda also recognizes the many organizations and individauls dealing with the issue such the Africa Progress Panel(APP), African Media Initiative(AMI), the U.S Council on Foreign Relations(CFR), the United Nations(U.N), the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund(IMF), the African Development Bank, the Blaire Commission on Africa(2005), the African Media Development Initiative(AMDI), the Investment Climate Facility for Africa(ICFA), Charlene Hunter-Gault, Marcus Courage and hundreds, if not thousands of others with similar views.

To bolster these efforts, our approach is to lend our support in small ways by promoting positive African through this website.

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