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avatarAli Pechu is a Buea, Cameroon-based freelance journalist and contributor to Africa Agenda. Previously Pechu worked with Charion FM radio in Buea.

Cameroon and Nigeria: Building ties through a thriving film industry

By Ali Pechu on August 28, 2014

Cameroon Producer Agbor Gilbert and Nollywood Actresses in 2012
Cameroon Film Industry(CFI)

Cameroon Producer Agbor Gilbert, with Nollywood Actresses in 2012

The movie industry in Africa is fast-growing.

As cooperation between African nations increase, two neighbors, Cameroon and Nigeria, are improving their relationship through a thriving film industry in both countries.

There is especially increased interest in the so-called Nollywood movies that Africans love. This phenomenon is bringing the two friendly counties to the table of cooperation.

According to Cameroon’s minister of Arts and Culture, Ama Tutu Muna, this collaboration will expose Cameroonian film industry talents to the world, and build the capacities of the Cameroonian film makers.

The minister stated, “this is an opening that illustrates that Africa is one, and that experience ought to be shared in order to contribute to sustainable development in Africa.…

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Cameroon’s Reunification Monument: A New Historical and Touristic Destination

By Ali Pechu on July 19, 2014

Cameroon Re-Unification Monument
George Bamu | Africa Agenda

Cameroon Re-Unification Monument

There are varied opinions about Africa, including the Central African nation of Cameroon. When visiting Cameroon for the first time, people expect different things.

But what seems to be giving Cameroon and Buea–the South West Regional Headquarters and Former Capital of German Kamerun, in particular a new image, is the new historical touristic site, the Reunification Monument.

The monument symbolizes the legacy, beginning on May 20, 1972, since East and West Cameroon united to become the present day Republic of Cameroon.

Barely months after the celebration in Buea, the monument is a huge touristic attraction, with the influx of tourists, national and international, clamoring to see the symbolic structure.…

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Why Horse Racing Could Unlock More Income for Cameroon

By Ali Pechu on February 2, 2014

Kentucky Derby_Horse Racing_USA

Horse Racing in the United States of America

The three northern regions of Cameroon, a country in sub-Saharan Africa, are characterized by savannah vegetation and landscape. These unique geographical features greatly favor the rearing of cattle and horses, which is the focus of the minority Mbororo community of the North-west region and the Fulanis of the Northern regions.

These communities are also sparingly dispersed in other parts of the country.

While many people tend to focus on the importance of cattle for their survival, many have paid little attention to horses. Which brings me to the lucrative business of gambling in horse racing in Cameroon.…

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