Africa Agenda
Editorial Policy

Despite the fact that the African continent has some of the fastest growing economies of the world with a vibrant and increasingly educated population, the lack of optimistic news about Africa continues to discourage social and economic opportunities for engagement. When the continent is featured in the media the message is usually negative—war, poverty, and incapacity. Rarely do we see stories of a continent with different countries, perspectives, and cultures. Hardly do we see hope, opportunity and possibility, mainly because too many positive stories about Africa go untold.

Africa Agenda seeks to provide an alternative and more balanced view of Africa. Our primary goal is to educate and engage our audience by providing news, facts, opinions, and stories that showcase the beauty, ethnic diversity, hope and change across the continent. We seek to build from the tremendous energy and knowledge of volunteer writers and bloggers who combine special knowledge, experience, and insights to provide vibrant news and opportunities from and with Africa. In this way, we recognize the outstanding commitment of our bloggers and provide the following editorial policy to guide submissions and clarify the editorial standards of the organization. Please familiarize yourself with them.

Editorial Supervision

Editorial responsibility rests with the Africa Agenda’s web editor. Africa Agenda reserves the right to make reasonable changes to submitted work for clarity, flow and consistency. Content submitted that requires substantive edits will be returned for correction or will require the writer’s permission.

Diversity of Opinion

Africa Agenda seeks to be inclusive ─ sharing extensive and diverse opinions ─ yet being fair, respectful, and open-minded.

Integrity of Material

Africa Agenda trusts that content submitted by volunteer writers and bloggers will be well researched and does not bring Africa Agenda’s reputation into question. We disapprove of content that is false, plagiarized, fictitious, abusive, defamatory, sexist, racially offensive, profane, and otherwise offensive. Our web editors will alert the writer to any factual questions before publication. We reserve the right to refuse to post any media content submitted that does not meet the Africa Agenda editorial criteria.

For opinion pieces, the views expressed by writers are theirs and will not necessarily reflect the views of the Africa Agenda organization. For example, content published by Africa Agenda that is controversial in nature will not mean that it is endorsed by this organization. Africa Agenda shall not be held accountable for opinions that are those of the writer.

Copyright and Ownership of Material
Africa Agenda retains the copyright in all material produced or contributed by Africa Agenda staff. Readers may download, use and read such material from the website for personal and non-commercial use, but cannot alter without permission.
Volunteer writers and bloggers retain the ownership of their articles and/or blogs but agree to give Africa Agenda the right to publish on the website. Writers also give Africa Agenda the right to make reasonable changes to articles and blogs. Reasonable changes include grammar, spelling, syntax, and basic facts that do not change the meaning or intent of the story. Any significant change will require permission of the volunteer writer/blogger.

Process for Contributing to Africa Agenda Website
Africa Agenda is working towards a clear, simple, effortless process when writing for us.
• Interested volunteer writers and bloggers should submit a cover letter and resume to We will review your application and contact you to set up an interview.
• If selected, Africa Agenda will set up an account and you will receive a Username and Password.
• When your article or blog post is ready, submit it online and you will receive an e-mail acknowledgement.
• The articles will be reviewed and if they meet our editorial criteria they will be published.
• If information needs verification, the writer will be contacted to make revisions. Once corrected, the writer can resubmit for possible publication.
• First time volunteer writer and blogger should submit a passport sized portrait photograph and brief biography (no more than 3 sentences).
• If an article does not meet minimum criteria it will not be posted.

Website Content Guideline
Africa Agenda seeks to have a professional website where articles are supported by at least one original source or reference, preferably backed up by secondary sources. If it is an opinion, a point of view or a commentary, we will label it as such. Content for the website should be:

• Consistent with the Africa Agenda Mission.
• Succinct, clear, and engaging and have a compelling, clear title.
• Use short active sentences.
• Absolutely free of spelling and grammar errors.
• Limited to 8 to 10 paragraphs in length (roughly about 450 words or less). Longer articles will be converted to a PDF file and posted.
• Complemented with at least one photograph or screenshot related to the story. Photos should be sharp and well colored and should include the source so that we can get copyright permission and/or attribute correctly.

Africa Agenda can include video and audio files in articles or blogs. Contact us if you would like to include a video or an audio file to your blog post.

Writing for Africa Agenda does not equal employment with the organization. All bloggers to the Africa Agenda website are unpaid volunteers of the organization, unless otherwise stipulated in a separate agreement. Africa Agenda is a registered U.S 501C-3 tax exempt nonprofit organization and therefore does not endorse candidates for political office.

These aforementioned guidelines are applicable to all volunteer writers and bloggers for the website.

For more information about the web guidelines and expectations, please send an email to