Ignoring Africa during U.S. Elections won’t make it go away

By George Bamu on August 11, 2012


Barack Obama/Mitt Romney

As Election Day in America draws close, U.S. voters are asking their candidates for office all sorts of questions. Some are questions the candidates and their campaigns don’t like or want to address right now. For example: What would you do about too many guns in the hands of Americans. That’s the question that has popped up in reaction to the recent shootings in Colorado and Wisconsin.

Yet, the ears of the world is tuned in to U.S. politics, as people listen and watch the spectacle of American democracy in action, the attack ads in the media, the machinations of Super PACs and money wars, plus the will of voters to vote as they please, to elect the leader of the free world.…

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Obama administration “ramping up” its Africa Policy

By George Bamu on July 29, 2012

White House

President Obama greets well-wishers during a trip to Ghana in 2009

As if the Obama administration is heeding complaints that it has not engaged with Africa enough since the president assumed office in 2009, a new focus on the continent appears to be gaining steam. These appear to be signs and a signal from the White House that is takes Africa seriously while Obama is  president of the United States.

First there was the June 14 Presidential Policy Directive geared towards sub-Saharan Africa. Now, the White House Office of Public Engagement is holding a conversation Monday, July 30 with hopes of soliciting feedback from those involved with Africa related issues.…

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