A Writer Sheds Light on How Africans Navigate Life in the “Land of the Free”

By George Bamu on May 20, 2017

Africa Agenda | Africa Agenda

Author Emma Eminash speaks during a book signing ceremony on Saturday, May 20. Publicist, Iya Ifalade Ta’Shia Asanti looks on.

People from the African continent, especially from sub-Saharan Africa, have been coming to the United States of America for decades, if not centuries. Some, like the slaves that were forced to come to the U.S. because of the harsh practices of the time, came because they were captured and brought in to work for their masters.  Others came and continue to come because they want a new life, a new place to live and to experience new things.…

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KETO FM, Africa-focused Radio, Coming to Metro Denver Airwaves

By George Bamu on September 28, 2016

KETO FM, Colorado, USA

As Colorado’s African community grows, the needs of the community have increased as well.

We’ve seen how American local governments, city council and municipalities around the area address these challenges of growth in Colorado, from boosting road infrastructure expenditures to addressing issues associated with housing.

For a community that has become woven into the fabric of the state’s most diverse city, this is an issue of which Aurora is keenly aware. So, officials have held meetings with leaders and other citizens geared toward integration as new people come into town.

How do you inform a community as diverse as Aurora, with people and languages from all corners of the world?…

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For city and state officials, a diverse Aurora, Colo. means business

By George Bamu on August 16, 2015

Africa Agenda

Members of the African community, Colo. State and City of Aurora officials meet for business and mentorship development, July 25

When you listen to Steve Hogan, mayor of Aurora, Colorado’s second largest city, it’s difficult not to conjecture what’s on his mind, as he attends plenty of functions involving the immigrant communities that are a part of the city he leads. These functions occur all over Aurora, each day of the week.

Hogan, who is running for re-election to a second term, believes the presence of a burgeoning African immigrant community is leaving a positive mark on the way the city does business.…

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Slideshow: African culture takes center stage in Aurora

By Sarah Ford on May 21, 2015

Over 150 people packed into the small space of Aurora’s Mirage Kebob House on Friday, April 24, all proudly representing different countries but woven together with similar threads.

Sarah Ford | Africa Agenda

Participants at the African Dress Night celebration in Aurora, April 24.

The first annual African Dress Night brought native and migrant African families to the small restaurant to partake in a full night of cultural celebration, featuring a fashion show and several speakers involved with the African community in Denver.

The fashion show featured participants from countries including Zimbabwe, Mali, Ethiopia, Ghana and more, each group parading onto the stage and performing brief traditional dances for the cheering crowd.…

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“Africa has the potential to be a bread basket to the world,” Romanoff tells Africans in Colorado

By George Bamu on August 14, 2013

Romanoff and Dia at Carte Blanche
African Leadership Group

Andrew Romanoff and Papa Dia at the Carte Blanche

It is well-known that former two-term Colorado House Speaker, Andrew Romanoff, is challenging Republican Rep. Mike Coffman for Colorado’s 6th congressional district. But while the elections are about a year away, POLITICO has already named the race as potentially the nation’s toughest House battle of 2014.

“Romanoff has long been seen as an up-and-comer in Colorado democratic politics,” according to Meghan Verlee, who covers politics for Colorado Public Radio.

For news junkies that may be old news. But for casual observers of the increasingly diverse district, which encompasses much of Aurora, anything the candidates say or do in the lead up to the elections could be significant, one way or another.…

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Aurora health facility helping immigrants cope with shootings

By George Bamu on July 24, 2012


Aurora Mental Health

According to Mike Lamp at Colorado Public Radio, the Aurora Mental Health Center is hosting meetings for Spanish speakers and refugees to help them cope with the shooting that occurred July 20 in Aurora, Colorado.

“The shock of last week’s shootings could be especially hard to handle, for Aurora’s many Latino immigrants and refugees from countries in Africa and Southeast Asia,” Lamp reported.

These meetings are especially helpful to those who need help dealing with the stress, fear and uncertainly but “can find language and cultural barriers in the way.”

According to information posted on the Aurora Mental Health website, they have free crisis counselors available 24 hours a day at 303-617-2300.…

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Amid news of tragedy, Aurora Colorado connotes an American melting pot

By George Bamu on July 21, 2012

 Aurora, Colorado City government

In reaction to what happened July 20 in Aurora, Colorado; 12 people killed and many wounded in a shooting rampage, the city where this occurred is under examination.

But in the larger realm of existence, Aurora remains unique. While tragedy has struck, there are lots of things that make the city a place to be.  Aurora is described as an “All American City.” You will see signs saying this when you drive around town. It is not only the signs about a welcoming hospitality, diversity and ingenuity of Aurora; it is a reflection of the people of Aurora, Colorado.…

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Tragedy in Aurora, Colorado

By Africa Agenda on July 20, 2012

Bonfils Blood Center

The Africa Agenda organization wishes to express our condolences to the people of Aurora, Colorado following the senseless shooting that occurred the morning of July, 20. Our organization mourns with the families that are affected by the shooting.

At this time we like to direct you to community resources relating about the shooting incident.

Aurora shooting: Resources available for movie shooting victims and families.




Ugandan choir brings excitement to Aurora community

By George Bamu on April 15, 2012

Africa Agenda

Uganda Orphan’s choir in concert at St Paul Presbyterian Church, Aurora, CO.

If you have never danced to an African theme music before, then you probably won’t resist the style, energy and lure of the Ugandan orphan’s choir.

The choir is composed of 10 children, 9 to 14 years old from the Ssesse islands around the Lake Victoria area of Uganda. All 10 children are orphans, rescued by the international non-profit, Childcare World.

At a recent live performance at St Paul Presbyterian Church in Aurora, the spectacle and ambiance of their dancing was what wowed the audience to a standing ovation, and a massive outpouring of support for the children.…

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African pastors start Colorado African Pastors Association

By George Bamu on June 21, 2009

The newly minted Colorado Association of African Pastors (CAAP), held its inaugural meeting Saturday June 20.

The event took place at the Praise Chapel International Ministries in Aurora. The event brought together some of Africa’s “star pastors and preachers” throughout Colorado.

“If we can join forces together, we can move mountains,” said Emmanuel Eliason, founder and senior pastor at World Gospel Tabernable of Aurora. “We are here to celebrate the beginning of great things around the community and the nation.”

According to information distributed during the event, we are told that the goal of the association is to help bring “unity, accountability, to build healthy relationships, create opportunities for training and to act as a support group for African pastors in Colorado.” The event was marked with a worship service and discussions about the organizations vision and plans for the future.…

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