Colorado Association of Black Journalists honors achievements at Annual Media Awards Banquet

By Gelllilla Gebre-Michael on August 25, 2016

The hum of voices drew near as participants migrated from the cocktail reception into the Penrose meeting room at the Marriott City Center in Downtown Denver.  The 29th Annual Media Awards and Scholarship Banquet presented by the Colorado Association of Black Journalists (CABJ) was an amazing experience to be involved.

As a journalism major, I had the opportunity to witness how the mechanics of radio, broadcast and print journalism combine to bring a variety of stories together.

CABJ President Gabrielle Bryant (3rd from left) with the 9News team.

CABJ President Gabrielle Bryant welcomed the group and commended the organization’s commitment to integrity, community service and excellence in media.…

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CABJ preparing next generation of journalists

By George Bamu on August 11, 2014

Justin Adams of KMGH TV, Denver. CABJ Broadcast Journalist

Africa Agenda | Africa Agenda

Justin Adams of KMGH TV, Denver. CABJ Broadcast Journalist of the Year.

As a tradition for 27 years now, the Colorado Association of Black Journalists (CABJ), the local affiliate of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ), held its annual media and scholarship banquet on Friday August 8 in Denver. The event brought together members of the media and the community for what was a show of the young and emerging talent that the organization is preparing for the future.

While commending the nominees and award recipients for a job well done, association president, Gloria Neal reflected on what CABJ has accomplished over the years.…

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Journalists recognized with CABJ Award

By George Bamu on September 10, 2013

Lee Hill

Colorado Public Radio

Lee Hill

At the 26th Annual Media Awards and Scholarship Banquet of the Colorado Association of Black Journalists (CABJ), held August 9 at the Denver Marriott City Center, the organization named Colorado Public Radio (CPR) reporter, Lee Hill, as “Radio Journalist of the Year.

Hill manages the station’s Public Insight Network which monitors and analyses public perceptions  and experiences on important issues affecting the local community.

In the September issue of Airwaves published by CPR, a statement from the station said, “Much of Lee’s recognition is a result of his work highlighting Colorado’s Black and Latino communities.…

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CABJ recognizes outstanding journalists and PR professionals

By George Bamu on September 8, 2012

Africa Agenda

Glora Neal speaking during the CABJ Media Banquet in Denver, August 24.

The Colorado Association of Black Journalists (CABJ) held its 25th Annual Media and Scholarship Banquet August 24 in Denver.

During the event, awards were presented to outstanding media professionals in the  broadcast, print, multimedia, photo-journalism and public relations disciplines.

“CABJ is blessed to have so many talented members in our association. This year, members selected and voted for 13 individuals they thought were the top candidates in their disciplines,” said Will Jones, media relations professional at the Denver Botanic Gardens and M.C. for the event.

Gloria Neal, journalist at CBS 4 Denver and host at 760 AM  is the current president of CABJ.…

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Are we really all journalists now?

By George Bamu on November 13, 2007

At the last Colorado Association of Black Journalists meeting, the subject of journalism and the law came up and I talked about a new book by Scott Gant titled “We’re All Journalists Now.”

The sub title is “The Transformation of the Press and Reshaping of the Law in the Internet Age.”

If you are a journalist, intend to become one and juggling various tasks, some of which involve journalism, this is a good book to check out. That said, the underlying theme that Gant, a Washington D.C. attorney, explores is the question of whether everyone, from citizen journalists to bloggers, is now or should be considered a journalist.…

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