A Writer Sheds Light on How Africans Navigate Life in the “Land of the Free”

By George Bamu on May 20, 2017

Africa Agenda | Africa Agenda

Author Emma Eminash speaks during a book signing ceremony on Saturday, May 20. Publicist, Iya Ifalade Ta’Shia Asanti looks on.

People from the African continent, especially from sub-Saharan Africa, have been coming to the United States of America for decades, if not centuries. Some, like the slaves that were forced to come to the U.S. because of the harsh practices of the time, came because they were captured and brought in to work for their masters.  Others came and continue to come because they want a new life, a new place to live and to experience new things.…

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In Case You Missed It: 3/13/17 – 3/21/17

By Gelllilla Gebre-Michael on March 25, 2017

Reuters/Akintunde Akinleye

Nigeria is a major tomato importer, despite having enough land to grow them.

This week’s most important headlines out of and about Africa.

In this week’s news, countries in Africa are limiting imports to support economic growth, and all African delegates denied visas for Africa Summit held in U.S.

African Nations Propose Limits to Imports into their Countries

Kenya and Ethiopia are among the countries that are taking measures to restrict international imports into their nations. This strategy is to boost internal revenue markets and incentivize citizens to shop local.

The African continent imports billions of dollars worth of grains annually.…

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Thank You America! Campaign Recognizes Aurora, Colorado Civic, Community Leaders

By George Bamu on March 18, 2017

Africa Agenda | Africa Agenda

Honorees from the Thank You America! Campaign, Betsy Oudenhoven (1st left), Papa Dia(second right) pose with Aurora Mayor Steve Hogan(2nd left) and City Manager, George Noe(1st right) at city hall, March 15. Richardo Gambetta-Alvarado of the Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs looks on.

The idea and story of Aurora, Colorado as a diverse, prosperous city never gets old every time it is told. While Aurora has seen its share of issues which trouble American inner cities, it remains a place that revels in its beauty, making it an attraction to people from all over the world.…

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Cameroonians in Colorado plan rally against government of President Paul Biya

By George Bamu on February 20, 2017


Cameroon President, Paul Biya, and First Lady, Chantal Biya, at a reception for the Cameroon National Football team at the presidential palace in Yaounde. February, 2017

Since November 2016, the African nation of Cameroon has been embroiled in civil unrest marked by demonstrations and boycotts against the Francophone-dominated government of President Paul Biya.

Recent news reports point to many civilian deaths through police action, while others, including journalists, lawyers and civil society leaders, have been arrested and placed on trial.

The Cameroon administration recently began the use of French in courts and classrooms in the Anglophone regions of the country as a way to promote bilingualism and national integration.…

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Colorado Black Round Table Critical Issues Summit: Oct. 14 – Oct. 16

By Africa Agenda on October 10, 2016

Africa Agenda

As the November 8 U.S. Election approaches–community groups and organizations are  engaging American citizens about important issues which impact them. The Colorado Black Round Table (CBRT) is inviting the community to a series of discussions, awards and recognition ceremonies along these lines. The organization has published a schedule of its election-related activities as follows. Please join them. 



“Why This Election Is So Important”

Guest Speaker: Reginald Bolding, Arizona State Representative

Holiday Inn Stapleton (Aztec Room-5 pm)

Community Respondents:

Honorable Penfield Tate, Attorney, Former State Representative
Walter Jones, Attorney, Economic Development Specialist
Barbara Jones, 2nd Vice President, Colorado Democratic Party
Sondra Young, President, Denver NAACP

Art Way, Attorney, Senior Director, Colorado Drug Policy Alliance

Rita Lewis, Attorney, Commissioner, Colorado Civil Rights Commission

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KETO FM, Africa-focused Radio, Coming to Metro Denver Airwaves

By George Bamu on September 28, 2016

KETO FM, Colorado, USA

As Colorado’s African community grows, the needs of the community have increased as well.

We’ve seen how American local governments, city council and municipalities around the area address these challenges of growth in Colorado, from boosting road infrastructure expenditures to addressing issues associated with housing.

For a community that has become woven into the fabric of the state’s most diverse city, this is an issue of which Aurora is keenly aware. So, officials have held meetings with leaders and other citizens geared toward integration as new people come into town.

How do you inform a community as diverse as Aurora, with people and languages from all corners of the world?…

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Africa Agenda to host its 3rd Annual Africa Summit on Oct. 21

By Africa Agenda on September 10, 2016

Africa Agenda

A member of the Makomba Ensemble dances during Africa Agenda State of the African continent event, Nov. 2015

Celebrating and Learning from African Ingenuity

Each year Africa Agenda organizes an event to promote awareness about U.S.-Africa relations, the local African community, and positive developments across the continent.

We are excited to announce our 3rd annual Africa summit to hold on October 21, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Posner Center: 1031 33rd Street, Denver, CO 80205.

This year the focus is on African Ingenuity. Africans are innovating tremendous solutions combining traditional knowledge and new ideas.  Designed as a World Café, with an African buffet dinner, special speakers, music and entertainment, participants will take part in three energizing dialogues led by U.S.…

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Colorado Association of Black Journalists honors achievements at Annual Media Awards Banquet

By Gelllilla Gebre-Michael on August 25, 2016

The hum of voices drew near as participants migrated from the cocktail reception into the Penrose meeting room at the Marriott City Center in Downtown Denver.  The 29th Annual Media Awards and Scholarship Banquet presented by the Colorado Association of Black Journalists (CABJ) was an amazing experience to be involved.

As a journalism major, I had the opportunity to witness how the mechanics of radio, broadcast and print journalism combine to bring a variety of stories together.

CABJ President Gabrielle Bryant (3rd from left) with the 9News team.

CABJ President Gabrielle Bryant welcomed the group and commended the organization’s commitment to integrity, community service and excellence in media.…

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At AfrikMall Young Professionals, Others, Celebrate African Entrepreneurship

By Gelllilla Gebre-Michael on July 6, 2016

The community comes together at AfrikMall

Nestled in the Aurora Cultural Arts District near Denver, CO is a spot for the African Diaspora community.

The AfrikMall, a shopping center for African goods, will be celebrating its one year anniversary in July as it continues to provide cultural entertainment and educational programs that reflect the diversity of Africans and people of African descent in the Rocky Mountain Region.

The more than 56,000 square foot building was the location for an evening of celebration of African entrepreneurs in its main atrium on Wednesday, June 28.

Members from the Posner Center for International Development and WorldDenver Young Professionals were present to share experiences of starting businesses in Colorado and hear from contributing members of the mall.

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Photos: Denver’s World Press Freedom Day Celebration, 2016

By Africa Agenda on May 3, 2016

World Press Freedom Day May 3, 2016

Held at the Posner Center for International Development, the event brought together local journalists, academia, students and the public to discuss issues of free speech around the world and how they relate to international development.

Moderated by media expert and consultant, Susan Abbott, the panelists included the following:

  • Robert Uttaro Ph.D., Professor University of Denver (Nigeria)
  • Sherry Manning, Founder and Executive Director, Friends of ENCA Farms (the Philippines)
  • Charles Kirya, CEO & Founder MEAIntl LLC (Uganda)
  • Marcelo A. Ramirez Garcia-Rojas, Student, University of Denver (Mexico)
  • Tony Shawcross, Executive Director, Open Media Foundation (Honduras and Colorado)
  • George Bamu, Founder and Executive Director,  Africa Agenda (Cameroon)

Prior to the discussions, the audience was treated to a film, Reportera, which chronicled the challenges which journalists face in Mexico as they report about crime, drug cartels, and other social problems.…

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