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Brothers Rene and Clifford Bouma formed a rap duo, called "White African Rap," in order to empower African albinos.
Brothers Rene and Clifford Bouma formed a rap duo, called “White African Music,” in order to empower African albinos.

In this week’s news, two albino brothers in Cameroon fight discrimination through song, and South African courts move closer to bringing President Jacob Zuma of South Africa to court.

Albino Brothers Turn to Music to Fight Prejudice

Albino brothers, Rene and Clifford Bouma, have formed a rap duo in order to de-stigmatize albinism in Cameroon and other parts of Africa where violence against albinos is still common.

Ostracized by their classmates as children, the brothers took to writing poetry and rapping as a way to cope. Their goal is twofold. First, they hope that their music can help cross barriers between albinos and non-albinos, leading to a better understanding of the condition and what life is like for those who have it.

Second, they hope that their music inspires self-confidence in other albinos, so that they know their own worth and don’t feel like they have to live their lives in fear.

Zuma Loses Appeal

President Zuma has lost an appeal to drop charges of corruption against him.

Zuma faces over 700 charges of corruption, money laundering, and fraud dating back to the early 1990s. He has faced many scandals during his presidency, including previous court charges (which were dismissed) and calls for impeachment. The court’s decision this week does not mean that Zuma will face these charges in court, but it is a step in that direction.



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