Call for Interviewees for the Denver Africana Project

By Africa Agenda on June 14, 2015

Africa Agenda is currently seeking 25 Africans as well as 25 African-American volunteers to be interviewed as a part of the Denver Africana Project, a project that seeks to gather stories and ideas in the form of recorded interviews about Africans in the Denver metro area.

The project is a partnership between Maik Nwosu, professor of English at the University of Denver and the Africa Agenda organization. The Denver Africana Project presents an incredible opportunity to contextualize a wide array of stories related to African/African-American migration and diaspora narratives in the metro area. The aim is to bring to light a personal, community-based dimension to our understanding of the African diaspora in the area.…

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Africa Agenda partners with DU to study local African Diaspora Community

By Africa Agenda on March 19, 2015

For Immediate Release


The Africa Agenda organization is pleased to announce that it was selected as a community partner for an African Diaspora research study involving the University of Denver Public Good Fund.

Under the subject “Contextualizing African/African American Migration and Diaspora Narratives,” the initiator–University of Denver (DU) professor of English Maik Nwosu says the project is “a focused study, not just an abstract theorization on the nature of immigration of the African and African American community in the Denver area.”

Described as The Denver Africana Project, the proposal characterizes the focus group for the research as one that is “often under represented or misrepresented in immigration and settlement studies.”

The research seeks to put the community into proper context and ultimately “present a study that relates this community to the larger Denver community in ways that facilitate real understanding and productive interaction.…

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