In Case You Missed It: 3/27/17 – 4/2/17

By Raevyn Goates on April 3, 2017

Paul Ridgeway

A military drone

This week’s most important headlines out of and about Africa.

In this week’s news, United States President Donald Trump targets Somalia, the United Nations deals a blow to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and a Nigerian pilot makes history.

US Orders Airstrikes in Somalia

In an effort to fight terrorism around the world, President Trump has approved airstrikes in Somalia. U.S. military airstrikes are usually carried out by drone, and have become a common tool in the effort to eradicate terrorism. The practice is controversial, and the controversy shows no sign of slowing down during the Trump presidency. …

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In Case You Missed It: 4/25/16 – 5/1/16

By George Bamu on May 1, 2016


Getty Images

Papa Wemba

The most important in this week’s headlines out of and about Africa, for those who need help catching up.

Papa Wemba’s Legacy Celebrated Worldwide

The musical legacy of Papa Wemba, the Congolese musician who died on April 24, is being celebrated not just throughout the Africa continent but around the world. Wemba collapsed on stage and died minutes later during a performance in Abidjan, the Ivory Coast.

Many are asking questions about what may have caused his collapse, captured on video.

“Last weekend, when news of the real Papa Wemba’s death began to circulate on the internet, many of his fans were in denial, “writes Chinedu Ukaban with The Fader.…

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In Case You Missed It 10/5/15 – 10/11/15

By Raevyn Goates on October 13, 2015

The most important in this week’s headlines out of and concerning Africa, for those who need help catching up.

This week brings news of an airline expansion, a political resignation, and voters in Guinea head to the polls.

Ethiopian Airlines is looking to expand by buying more planes and offering more flights to the US.

  1. Ethiopian Airlines Looking to Expand

Ethiopian Airlines – Africa’s largest airline – is looking to expand. They plan to buy 20 Boeing 777’s, and are looking to offer more flights to the United States. A plan to open a hub in New York City is being seriously considered, and other cities are being looked at as well.…

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Is Emmanuel Weyi “the change” the DRC needs?

By Dziedzorm Sanaki on October 12, 2015

Africa Agenda

Dziedzorm Sanaki speaking with Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC) presidential candidate, Emmanuel Weyi. Denver, September 22, 2015

It’s difficult to write about the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) without referring to its unstable and authoritarian past. It’s a past which brings reminders about Patrice Lumumba, Mubutu Sesse Seko, Laurent-Desire Kabila, Belgian colonization, and Zaire.

The tumultuous past remains a backdrop even as the country charges forward in a new era of elections and democracy.

This trajectory is akin to a stereotype, a glass-half-empty view about the country.

Buts it’s also apparent that the case of the DRC is symbolism of the struggles reporters face with balancing two sides of every story; what needs to be reported, mostly negative news in a corrupted and dangerous world, and what prospects there are for improvements to occur with the subject of a story.…

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‘Colorado is no exception to human trafficking,’ says Colo. Senate President, Morgan Carroll

By George Bamu on July 28, 2014

Morgan Carroll and Edith Okupa
Africa Agenda

Participants at Restoration Project International Concert in Aurora. Saturday, July 26

The issue of human and sex trafficking is wide spread and has lots of consequences. That’s according to Senator Morgan Carroll who is President of the Colorado Senate. Carroll made the statement on Saturday, July 26 while speaking at a fundraising concert to combat human trafficking.

The event was organized by Denver-based non-profit Restoration Project International and held at Kingdom Connection Christian Church in Aurora. There is a link between human trafficking and sexual exploitation,’ according Restoration Project International.

In highlighting the problem through its website and community education efforts in Colorado, among other things, the organization tracts and monitors trafficking activities stemming from countries that have experienced war, such as the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Darfur region of South Sudan.…

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“Africa Rising” phenomenon takes new turn: Japan Battles China in Africa

By George Bamu on March 30, 2014

Abe and Quattara
Newsweek/Getty Images

Ivory Coast President, Alassane Ouattara sitting with Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe

Today I want to provide some up-to-date information–if you are not already aware–as it relates to trade and diplomacy between China, Japan and many countries in the African continent.

First is this story published by The Diplomat in January and picked up by the influential U.S. Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

It is about the new tug of war between China and Japan, which has shifted territory into many African nations. While the two may be wrangling over territory in the China seas, both are said to be playing a trade game in Africa.…

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If anything, what will the candidates say about sub-Saharan Africa?

By George Bamu on October 21, 2012

Freedom House

The last presidential debate before Election Day on November 6 will be heavy on foreign policy, we are told.  As Election Day in America draws closer and closer, “everyone” closely following the race, has their own questions for the presidential candidates.

On October 16, Freedom House, ‘an independent watchdog organization dedicated to the expansion of freedom around the world,” posed 16 sharp questions for Barack Obama and Mitt Romney to answer. Freedom House did so in anticipation of what it thinks would be a much heated debate on Monday October 22 between the two candidates for the U.S. presidency.…

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