In Case You Missed It: 1/23/17 -1/29/17

By Raevyn Goates on January 31, 2017

Carl de Souza/Getty Images

President Adama Barrow of the Gambia returns home after his predecessor finally steps down.

This week’s most important headlines out of and about Africa.

In this week’s news, the Gambia’s new president comes home, African clinics face tough times, and one of African literature’s most important voices passes away.

Adama Barrow officially becomes President of the Gambia

A week after he was supposed to give up power, Gambian President Yahya Jammeh finally stepped down, allowing his successor, Adama Barrow, to take over. Barrow had defeated Jammeh in an election last december, but Jammeh, who ruled for 22 years, refused to accept the results.…

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In Case You Missed It: 4/18/16 – 4/24/16

By Raevyn Goates on April 25, 2016

An oil rig in Uganda

The most important in this week’s headlines out of and about Africa, for those who need help catching up.

In this week’s news, Uganda revises plan for oil pipeline, and the Republic of Congo gets a new Prime Minister.

Uganda to Export Oil Through Tanzania

Uganda has decided that it will build a pipeline through Tanzania in order to export it’s oil. The land-locked nation had originally struck a deal with Kenya, but backed out. They cited security concerns over terrorist groups active in certain areas along the pipe’s route as a primary reason for the change.…

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In Case You Missed It: 4/4/16 – 4/10/16

By Raevyn Goates on April 11, 2016


Many people displaced by violence in Darfur are not registered to vote.

The most important in this week’s headlines out of and about Africa, for those who need help catching up.

In this week’s news, Darfur decides to vote on their political future, Nigeria looks to the cosmos, and Ethiopia turns to bamboo for economic boost.

Darfur Holds Controversial Election

Darfur, a Western part of Sudan, is holding a vote to decide if the region will remain divided as five states or if they will unite as a single state.

Proponents of a united Darfur have suggested that it will give the region a stronger role in Sudanese politics.…

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In Case You Missed It: 3/14/16 – 3/20/16

By Raevyn Goates on March 21, 2016

The most important in this week’s headlines out of and about Africa, for those who need help catching up.

Daniel Hayduk/AFP

A woman examines a list of candidates at a polling station in Zanzibar

In this week’s news, many countries head to the polls, Egypt makes a major discovery, and Nigeria deals a blow to its women.

Major Elections Held in Six African Countries

On Sunday, voters in Benin, Cape Verde, Congo, Niger, Senegal and Zanzibar turned up to vote in Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

The elections have been met with a fair amount of disorder and unrest. The Republic of the Congo has enforced a media blackout during the elections, prohibiting the use of telephones, the internet, and texting.…

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In Case You Missed It: 2/15/16 – 2/21/16

By Raevyn Goates on February 22, 2016

The most important in this week’s headlines out of and concerning Africa, for those who need help catching up.

This week, Ethiopia continues their successful fight against HIV/AIDS, Zambian President promises to have a female running mate in upcoming election,  and Nigeria’s army takes on Human Rights violations.

HIV/AIDS awareness ribbon

Ethiopia Plans to Eliminate AIDS by 2030

Ethiopia’s Federal HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Office (HAPCO) believes that the disease could be eradicated in the country by 2030.

Since 2010, Ethiopia has focused on reducing the number of new HIV/AIDS cases that occur each year. They have done this by focusing on three core areas: disease prevention, better care and support for those infected, and gathering strategic data.…

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In Case You Missed It: 11/23/15 – 11/29/15

By Raevyn Goates on November 30, 2015

The most important in this week’s headlines out of and concerning Africa, for those who need help catching up.

In this week’s news, Pope Francis visits Africa, the citizens of Burkina Faso cast their votes, and the WHO is criticized for their Ebola response.


Crowds cheer for Pope Francis in Uganda.

Pope Francis Visits Africa

Pope Francis embarked on a six-day mission to Africa this week, visiting the countries of Kenya, Uganda, and the Central African Republic. The Pope – who was enthusiastically greeted by crowds wherever he went – went to Africa to promote peace and urge politicians to act responsibly.…

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In Case You Missed It 10/5/15 – 10/11/15

By Raevyn Goates on October 13, 2015

The most important in this week’s headlines out of and concerning Africa, for those who need help catching up.

This week brings news of an airline expansion, a political resignation, and voters in Guinea head to the polls.

Ethiopian Airlines is looking to expand by buying more planes and offering more flights to the US.

  1. Ethiopian Airlines Looking to Expand

Ethiopian Airlines – Africa’s largest airline – is looking to expand. They plan to buy 20 Boeing 777’s, and are looking to offer more flights to the United States. A plan to open a hub in New York City is being seriously considered, and other cities are being looked at as well.…

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A Rundown of Upcoming African Elections

By Sarah Crozier on May 15, 2015

Sarah Crozier | Africa Agenda

From the Electoral Commision of Nambia.
Nambia was the first African nation to use electronic voting machines in its November 2014 Presidential Elections.

Here is a quick summary of some of the elections happening across the African continent in 2015. For a full list, click here.





Members for the National Assembly (April 2015)

Why it Matters:

Benin’s President Thomas Boni Yayi has said that he will not seek a third term when his current time in office ends in 2016. However, a major constitutional reform proposition is to take the two-term limit off the table, potentially giving Yayi the ability to run again.…

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After Lansana, what democracy in Guinea

By George Bamu on September 28, 2009

Who is deciding the future of Guinea?

In what appears to be civil unrest, the BBC is reporting that many people have been killed in Guinea following opposition protests against the candidacy of captain Moussa Dadis Camara in the country’s upcoming presidential elections. The elections are scheduled to hold in January 2010.
The current president, Moussa Camara took over, through a coup, in December 2008 following the death of long time president Lansana Konte. At the time, reports said he would remain in power until presidential elections are held and promised not to run for office himself.

The BBC says the following about why the unrest started:
“It was triggered by indications he is to reverse a pledge not to run in a presidential vote planned for January.”


Kenya Post Election Dialogue

By George Bamu on June 10, 2008

Denver-Saturday Feb. 9, 2008, 2:30-4:30 pm in the Community Room of Aurora Central Library (14949 E. Alameda Pkwy, Aurora, CO 80012)

Africa Agenda will host a historical, post election forum and community dialogue on the election disputes in Kenya, current peace efforts and work toward reconciliation between Kenyan citizens and their government.

Long considered one of the more stable places in Africa, Kenya was plunged into violence and mayhem December 29, 2007 after presidential elections in which both the government and the main opposition party claimed they won.

To date, both sides continue to accuse each other of election fraud and intimidation while efforts to restore peace continue.…

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