In Case You Missed It: 5/1/17 – 5/31/17

By Raevyn Goates on June 4, 2017

BBC News

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

This week’s most important headlines out of and about Africa.
In this week’s news, an Ethiopian is elected the new WHO Managing Director, South Africa’s President faces more investigations for alleged corruption, and longtime Zimbabwean leader, Robert Mugabe goes on a speaking tour.
Ethiopian Politician Named Head of the WHO
The World Health Organization (WHO) has elected Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus as its new Director General. Ghebreyesus was formerly Ethiopia’s health minister, and is the first African to ever be elected to lead the WHO. He won the election by 66%, beating out the UK’s David Nabarro for the job.

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KETO FM, Africa-focused Radio, Coming to Metro Denver Airwaves

By George Bamu on September 28, 2016

KETO FM, Colorado, USA

As Colorado’s African community grows, the needs of the community have increased as well.

We’ve seen how American local governments, city council and municipalities around the area address these challenges of growth in Colorado, from boosting road infrastructure expenditures to addressing issues associated with housing.

For a community that has become woven into the fabric of the state’s most diverse city, this is an issue of which Aurora is keenly aware. So, officials have held meetings with leaders and other citizens geared toward integration as new people come into town.

How do you inform a community as diverse as Aurora, with people and languages from all corners of the world?…

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In Case You Missed It: 9/12/16 – 9/18/16

By Gelllilla Gebre-Michael on September 22, 2016


Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco

This week’s most important headlines out of and about Africa.

In this week’s news, Morocco’s mosques transitioning to solar energy, Burundian refugees are offered a university education in Rwanda and Ethiopian Electric Power signs a deal with neighboring countries.

Green program to provide solar energy for all mosques in Morocco

One of the 15,000 mosques expected to run completely on solar energy.

Morocco launched the Green Mosques program two years ago in hopes of  saving money. The program seeks to raise awareness of renewable energy to the 15,000 mosques in the kingdom. Morocco has one of the largest mosques in the world.…

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In Case You Missed It: 8/15/16 – 8/21/16

By Raevyn Goates on August 22, 2016

2016 Rio Olympics

Eliud Kipchoge of Kenya

This week’s most important headlines out of and about Africa.

In this week’s news, Africa takes home the gold at the Olympics, an Olympian uses his win to protest violence in his home country, and John Kerry plans an Africa trip.

Ten Gold Medals Go to African Continent

The 2016 Olympics have concluded, and it’s time to look at the scores. Several African nations competed, bringing home a combined total of 44 medals for the continent, 10 of which were gold.

Kenya won the most medals of any African nation: they won 13 medals, 6 of which were gold.…

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In Case You Missed It: 8/1/16-8/7/16

By Gelllilla Gebre-Michael on August 9, 2016

This week’s most important headlines out of and about Africa

In this week’s news, 54 countries are represented at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio and President Obama speaks to the Young African Leaders Initiative.

Fifty-Four African Nations Attending Rio Olympics

Of the 54 African countries competing in this years’ Olympics, only one team contends under the Olympic flag.

This is the first year that a team of refugees from South Sudan, Syria, Congo and Ethiopia will be represented. This is an opportunity to send a worldwide message of hope and persistence where a group of 10 athletes will be competing in three sports.

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In Case You Missed It: 07/25/16 – 07/31/16

By Raevyn Goates on August 2, 2016

National Institutes of Health

Malaria is a blood disease that effects many Africans. However, innovators are coming up with new ways to battle the disease, including a new test that will simplify diagnosis.

This week’s most important headlines out of and about Africa

In this week’s news, Nigerian scientists invent a new Malaria test, thousands of protesters take to the streets in Ethiopia, Tunisia ousts its prime minister, and Chad’s former dictator is ordered to pay for his crimes.

New Malaria Test Allows For Self-Diagnosis

Fyodor, a Nigerian biotech company, has created a new malaria test that promises to make diagnosing the disease much simpler.…

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In Case You Missed It: 6/27/16 – 7/3/16

By George Bamu on July 4, 2016

African flags on display

This week’s most important headlines out of and about Africa

In this week’s news, the African Union takes the next steps on its Agenda 2063 plan, and Indian Premier Narendra Modi, as well as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, visit the African continent.

With e-passport, African Union Furthers Continental Integration

Just as the European Union faces the challenges of Britain’s exit from the fold, the African Union is taking steps towards further integration of the African continent.

In a round-up of some of top Africa news stories for the week of June 13, my colleague, Gellilla Gebre-Michael, reported about the unveiling of an e-passport by the AU.…

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In Case You Missed It: 5/30/16 – 6/6/16

By George Bamu on June 6, 2016

The most important in this week’s headlines out of and about Africa, for those who need help catching up

In this week’s news, Ethiopia’s former health minister seeking to be next WHO chief, and African chefs want you to savor an African dish.

African Chefs Using The Web to Promote Their Dishes

For those who travel around the world, it may be hard to find an African dish listed on the menu of your favorite restaurants. Even while it’s delicious, the dishes may not be familiar to people from other cultures.

“African cuisines, however, have been slow to catch on globally,” writes CNN’s Phoebe Parke.…

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In Case You Missed It: 5/23/16 – 5/29/16

By Raevyn Goates on May 30, 2016

Arthur Zang, creator of the Cardiopad, poses with his invention.

The most important in this week’s headlines out of and about Africa, for those who need help catching up. In this week’s news, Cardiopad and Ethiopian Airlines are recognized for their excellence, and ancient treasures are returned to Egypt.

Cardiopad Creator Wins Engineering Prize

Arthur Zang, an engineer from Cameroon, won the African Prize for Engineering Innovation this week.

Zang invented the Cardiopad, which is a tablet-like device that performs heart tests, such as an EKG, and sends the results to cardio specialists through a mobile network.

This is important because Cameroon, a country with over 20 million people, only has about 50 cardio specialists.…

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In Case You Missed It: 4/11/16 – 4/18/16

By George Bamu on April 18, 2016

In this week’s news, African leaders gather in Ethiopia for a high-level security summit, and investors in Africa cautioned not to leave too soon.

The Economist Cautions Not To Pull Out of Africa Too Soon

It’s true there are plenty of concerns among the millions of investors who have put their money and hopes in the economies of African countries. These concerns are justified, and every savvy investor should know when to pull out and when to hold back when things seem shaky.

For these investors; miners and private-equity firms that have “sank” billions into the African economy, the recent slump in commodity prices is something that is troubling, The Economist tells us.…

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