Who is getting Somalia Wrong. The Somalis, the Audiences or the Journalists?

By George Bamu on November 30, 2012

BBC News

Bakara Market in Somalia

Sometime in November I said to myself that NPR’s Jon Burnett has a really good reason to be reporting from Africa.

That statement was for a good reason. Burnett, whom NPR dispatched to Nairobi this year to help beef up its Africa bureau,  had just reported about the incredible work that was being done by The Tanzania Heritage Project to help preserve historical archives and tapes of Tanzania’s oldest broadcasting house, Radio Tanzania.

I thought the story was very enriching and heartwarming. I heard it while driving during a Saturday morning errand in Denver, Colorado.…

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CABJ recognizes outstanding journalists and PR professionals

By George Bamu on September 8, 2012

Africa Agenda

Glora Neal speaking during the CABJ Media Banquet in Denver, August 24.

The Colorado Association of Black Journalists (CABJ) held its 25th Annual Media and Scholarship Banquet August 24 in Denver.

During the event, awards were presented to outstanding media professionals in the  broadcast, print, multimedia, photo-journalism and public relations disciplines.

“CABJ is blessed to have so many talented members in our association. This year, members selected and voted for 13 individuals they thought were the top candidates in their disciplines,” said Will Jones, media relations professional at the Denver Botanic Gardens and M.C. for the event.

Gloria Neal, journalist at CBS 4 Denver and host at 760 AM  is the current president of CABJ.…

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Journalists honor supervisor who provided media updates during Waldo Canyon fire

By George Bamu on August 25, 2012

Africa Agenda

Jerri Marr

At the 25th  Annual  Colorado Association of Black Journalists (CABJ) Media and Scholarship Banquet held in Denver, August 24.

U.S. Forest Service supervisor, Jerri Mar was honored for her work resulting from the Waldo Canyon fire which burned in Colorado during the months of June and July.

Marr was given the Kelvin McNeal Grace Under Fire Award for her “level headedness, calm and display of professionalism,” attributes which contributed to the successful media updates that she provided as the struggle to combat the wild and ravaging fires went on.

The award is in honor of the legacy of Kelvin McNeal, a spokesperson for the City of Boulder, Colorado who displayed exemplary professionalism, calm and level headedness during the JonBenet Ramsey saga in the 1990’s.…

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