Film about Cameroon to show in Denver Friday, Nov. 11

By Africa Agenda on November 6, 2016

Jude Fokwang

Something New in Old Town

Something New in Old Town, is not just another film about the African continent. Director, Jude Fokwang, has taken to the time to delve into the multi-layer facet to some of the most challenging socio-economic issues facing communities in the African continent today. The nation of Cameroon is at the forefront of the film.

What are the issues and how do we solve them? More than this, you can become a part of the solution by joining Africa Agenda and the Department of Sociology at Regis University for the public screening of this timely film.…

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Africa Agenda Releases African Ingenuity 2016 Summit Agenda

By Africa Agenda on October 16, 2016

Africa Agenda

2016 African Ingenuity Summit Agenda

In preparation for its 3rd annual ColoradoAfrica summit, the Africa Agenda organization today released the agenda for the October 21 African Ingenuity Summit.

The agenda, which runs from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Mountain Time, incorporates time for guest registration, remarks by selected speakers, entertainment and more importantly time for discussion on the key issues of the day. These discussions, focused on three subjects; the media, public participation and social and economic development, will be led by specialists in the field.

A specialist will pose a question, followed by a dialogue with table participants about how best to address the issue.…

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At AfrikMall Young Professionals, Others, Celebrate African Entrepreneurship

By Gelllilla Gebre-Michael on July 6, 2016

The community comes together at AfrikMall

Nestled in the Aurora Cultural Arts District near Denver, CO is a spot for the African Diaspora community.

The AfrikMall, a shopping center for African goods, will be celebrating its one year anniversary in July as it continues to provide cultural entertainment and educational programs that reflect the diversity of Africans and people of African descent in the Rocky Mountain Region.

The more than 56,000 square foot building was the location for an evening of celebration of African entrepreneurs in its main atrium on Wednesday, June 28.

Members from the Posner Center for International Development and WorldDenver Young Professionals were present to share experiences of starting businesses in Colorado and hear from contributing members of the mall.

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AfricAid steps in to fill educational gaps for Tanzanian girls

By George Bamu on June 8, 2015

Africa Agenda

Jana Kinsey and Maria Rosa-Galter speaking at the Posner Center, April 15.

On April 15, AfricAid, a non-profit headquartered in Denver, welcomed Tanzania Country Director Jana Kinsey to Colorado. While Kinsey was in town, the organization organized an event to present the work that it is doing in Tanzania.

“When governments fall short, NGOs fill the gaps,” said Maria Rosa Galter, Executive Director for AfricAid. Galter outlined many reasons why AfricAid exists today. One of those reasons is the sponsorship of disadvantaged girls, to provide young women in Tanzania with an education.

It’s true–there are plenty of gaps to be filled in Tanzania.…

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Photos: Visit to Denver by Tanzanian ambassador to the U.S.

By Africa Agenda on November 22, 2014

Ambassador Liberata Mulamula visit Denver
Africa Agenda

Tanzanian ambassador to the U.S., Her Excellency Liberata Mulamula extending a handshake to guests during a visit to Denver, November 17. Pat Kelly of the Friends of Tanzania looks on.

The Tanzanian ambassador to the U.S., Liberata Mulamulawas, was in Denver at the invitation of the Friends of Tanzania. While in Denver she held discussions at Regis University, Colorado School of Mines, University of Denver as well as the Posner Center for International Development.

In a press statement prior to the visit, the nationwide Friends of Tanzania noted that, “Ambassador Mulamula’s visit to Colorado is the second from a Tanzanian Ambassador in the past three years and has attracted some 27 non-government organizations working with Tanzania to improve the lives of its citizens and promote greater understanding and international cooperation between Coloradoans and Tanzanians.”


Video: Upcoming Colorado U.S.-Africa Summit creating awareness about Africa opportunities

By Senaiet Mesgun on November 12, 2014

Andy Astuno speaking with Senaiet Mesgun
Africa Agenda

Andy Astuno of World Denver Young Professionals speaking with Senaiet Mesgun

In August of this year, President Obama held an unprecedented three-day summit in Washington D.C. which brought together CEO’s, Heads of States and other officials to discuss how to build stronger U.S. – Africa partnerships.

The D.C summit resulted in deals worth billions of dollars intended to boost U.S. economic investment Africa.

Africa Agenda and World Denver Young Professions(WDYP) are partnering to host a similar summit in hopes of keeping the conversation alive.

China is currently ahead of the U.S. with billions in investments and partnerships already in the works in the African continent.…

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Denver-based NGO’s bringing the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit to Colorado, Nov. 20

By Africa Agenda on October 16, 2014

Colorado Africa Summit Information

Africa Agenda

Colorado Africa Summit Information

Riding on the shoulders of the historic U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, hosted by President Obama in Washington, D.C. this past summer, the Africa Agenda organization, and World Denver Young Professionals, say they will continue the discussion on strengthening U.S.-Africa relationships.

Billed as the ‘Colorado Summit’, the event to be held November 20 at the Posner Center in Denver’s historic Five Points neighborhood, will explore opportunities for Colorado’s own engagement and partnership with Africa.

A statement from the Africa Agenda said, this ‘is our dynamic opportunity to explore the opportunities to expand Africa engagement from the perspective of some of the leading people and organizations working here and on the continent.’ The statement also said, “We are inviting U.S.…

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West African Journalists Pay Visit to Africa Agenda

By Africa Agenda on September 29, 2014

George Bamu | Africa Agenda

Members and friends of Africa Agenda join 15 Journalists from West Africa for a group photo

Thanks to World Denver and the U.S. Department of State International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), on Monday, September 29, 15 Investigative Journalists from West Africa paid a visit to the Africa Agenda organization in Denver, Colorado.

The visit included a discussion about innovative ways for delivering news today, freedom of the press in Africa, how do you report both negative and positive African news, coverage of Ebola in West Africa, and a question and answer session. The visitors also had a chance to learn about Africa Agenda’s mission as well as the challenges involved with building an online news portal today.…

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Fair Trade Retailer Expands Into North Denver

By George Bamu on September 18, 2013

Charlotte Otto
Ten Thousand Villages

Charlotte Otto

The fact that farmers in the developing world do not always get a fair bargain when they take their products to the market place is a concern for the organization called Ten Thousand Villages.

Headquartered in Akron, Ohio, and with stores throughout the United States, Ten Thousand Villages is preoccupied with creating fair-trade opportunities for artisans in developing countries to earn better income from what they produce. The organization states that this practice empowers the hand crafters, many of whom are economically disadvantaged, to build better lives for themselves and their families.

As a boutique business, they trade in “an assortment of handmade home décor, art, jewelry, personal accessories and other global treasures.” The retailer says these items can be purchased at any of its stores worldwide.…

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“Africa has the potential to be a bread basket to the world,” Romanoff tells Africans in Colorado

By George Bamu on August 14, 2013

Romanoff and Dia at Carte Blanche
African Leadership Group

Andrew Romanoff and Papa Dia at the Carte Blanche

It is well-known that former two-term Colorado House Speaker, Andrew Romanoff, is challenging Republican Rep. Mike Coffman for Colorado’s 6th congressional district. But while the elections are about a year away, POLITICO has already named the race as potentially the nation’s toughest House battle of 2014.

“Romanoff has long been seen as an up-and-comer in Colorado democratic politics,” according to Meghan Verlee, who covers politics for Colorado Public Radio.

For news junkies that may be old news. But for casual observers of the increasingly diverse district, which encompasses much of Aurora, anything the candidates say or do in the lead up to the elections could be significant, one way or another.…

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