KETO FM, Africa-focused Radio, Coming to Metro Denver Airwaves

By George Bamu on September 28, 2016

KETO FM, Colorado, USA

As Colorado’s African community grows, the needs of the community have increased as well.

We’ve seen how American local governments, city council and municipalities around the area address these challenges of growth in Colorado, from boosting road infrastructure expenditures to addressing issues associated with housing.

For a community that has become woven into the fabric of the state’s most diverse city, this is an issue of which Aurora is keenly aware. So, officials have held meetings with leaders and other citizens geared toward integration as new people come into town.

How do you inform a community as diverse as Aurora, with people and languages from all corners of the world?…

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In Case You Missed It: 4/4/16 – 4/10/16

By Raevyn Goates on April 11, 2016


Many people displaced by violence in Darfur are not registered to vote.

The most important in this week’s headlines out of and about Africa, for those who need help catching up.

In this week’s news, Darfur decides to vote on their political future, Nigeria looks to the cosmos, and Ethiopia turns to bamboo for economic boost.

Darfur Holds Controversial Election

Darfur, a Western part of Sudan, is holding a vote to decide if the region will remain divided as five states or if they will unite as a single state.

Proponents of a united Darfur have suggested that it will give the region a stronger role in Sudanese politics.…

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A Look at Media Coverage of the European Migration Crisis

By Allison Sanders on November 8, 2015

Carmelo Imbesi/Time/AP

Migrants wait to disembark from the Irish Navy vessel LE Niamh at the Messina harbor in Sicily, Italy, Monday, Aug. 24, 2015.

This post begins a series of analyses of migration crisis media coverage in French-speaking news outlets.

In order to properly analyze the media coverage of this issue, this first article aims to provide a very general overview of the ongoing crisis. While the complexity of the migration crisis cannot be overstated, certain key facts can present information essential to beginning to understand the magnitude of this catastrophe.

The media coverage analyzed in this article is from French-speaking media sources in order to represent this widely used, official language of many African countries.

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A Look at Gay Rights Across Africa

By Alicia Houser on July 27, 2015

Africa Agenda

A map showing the countries where gay marriage is allowed or outlawed in Africa

A few weeks ago, as the result of a 5-4 ruling handed down by the Supreme Court, the United States legalized gay marriage.

As couples across America rushed to get married, African leaders carried about their days without comment on how this ruling might impact legislation within their own countries.

Across a continent where two countries enforce the death penalty for homosexual activity (Sudan and Mauritania), an expansion of homosexual rights still seems far off.

However, times are changing.

Even Uganda, whose boastful anti-gay laws led a cross-continent movement to penalize homosexuality, struck down their anti-gay laws last August based on the fact that the original law was passed without quorum.…

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Africa VS the ICC – Are there more war criminals in Africa?

By Sarah Crozier on June 26, 2015


An aircraft said to be carrying Mr Bashir takes off from an air base near Pretoria on Monday

Al-Bashir has escaped the clutches of the International Criminal Court (ICC) … again.

Leaving South Africa on his private jet after attending the African Union Summit last week, the President of Sudan, accused of war crimes over his conduct in the Darfur region, somehow felt safe enough to attend an event hosted by a signatory to the Rome Statute, the treaty that created the ICC in 2002.

So what is the deal? Are Africans willfully ignoring the ICC, or is the ICC just that incompetent?…

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In Case You Missed It 6/07/15 – 6/14/15

By Sarah Ford on June 16, 2015

People get busy, and it can be hard to keep up with the week’s news. To help you keep up with the latest news coming out of Africa, we will now compile a weekly list of the most important stories from think pieces, to opinion pieces to important developing stories. We hope it will be helpful in sorting out the important stuff in a world inundated with information and breaking headlines, and bring your attention to the issues that may not have gotten the most coverage during the week.

This week, we start off with a look at U.S. relationship building in Africa through investments, the larger implications of Goodluck Jonathan’s peaceful transition of power, and a controversial return.

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Africa Agenda founder talks ‘Positive Media coverage of Africa’ with Denver Radio Host

By Africa Agenda on May 8, 2014

KGNU Metro Show
KGNU Radio

KGNU Metro Show

Regular Thursday Metro host Shareef Aleem is joined by George Bamu from Cameroon in a discussion about media coverage in Africa. Bamu heads the organization Africa Agenda. Africa Agenda organized an event at Community College of Aurora(CCA) 5/8 from 5-7pm in honor of World Free Press Day.

The CCA event brought together journalists, bloggers, community leaders, professors and lay people to discuss ways to tell better stories about Africa and ways to build partnerships that would better the community.

Thursday May 8, 2014 on KGNU 88.5 FM, Denver, Boulder, Nederland, Colorado
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Derrick Hudson: African nations not eager to take sides on Crimean crisis

By George Bamu on April 12, 2014

Ukraine Vote at the UN
United Nations

A U.N. General Assembly meeting on Crimea.

The recent Russian annexation of Crimea is a hot-button international issue that pits the West against Russia and has brought back memories of the Cold War. While this goes on, little attention has been paid to the position of many African nations on the issue.

Many of the countries which make up the African Union (AU) have been silent, and have said little publicly.

As I have been scouring the internet, listening to radio and watching TV and searching for information on where the AU countries stand on the matter, I have found very little.…

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“Africa Rising” phenomenon takes new turn: Japan Battles China in Africa

By George Bamu on March 30, 2014

Abe and Quattara
Newsweek/Getty Images

Ivory Coast President, Alassane Ouattara sitting with Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe

Today I want to provide some up-to-date information–if you are not already aware–as it relates to trade and diplomacy between China, Japan and many countries in the African continent.

First is this story published by The Diplomat in January and picked up by the influential U.S. Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

It is about the new tug of war between China and Japan, which has shifted territory into many African nations. While the two may be wrangling over territory in the China seas, both are said to be playing a trade game in Africa.…

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Think you know Africa?

By George Bamu on November 30, 2013

South Africa

While perusing the web for African news, I stumbled upon something interesting. A quiz to test my knowledge of the continent. Surprisingly I did really well.  No bragging rights to this. How well do you know the continent? Let’s start with this question.

[Credit] Christian Science Monitor

Which African city is pictured in the photo on this blog post? You may or may not know the answer, but don’t worry. The Christian Science Monitor designed this quiz as a way to help us learn more about the continent.

I have to say,  The Science Monitor does a pretty good job reporting about Africa through The Africa Monitor Blog.…

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