In Case You Missed It: 3/27/17 – 4/2/17

By Raevyn Goates on April 3, 2017

Paul Ridgeway

A military drone

This week’s most important headlines out of and about Africa.

In this week’s news, United States President Donald Trump targets Somalia, the United Nations deals a blow to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and a Nigerian pilot makes history.

US Orders Airstrikes in Somalia

In an effort to fight terrorism around the world, President Trump has approved airstrikes in Somalia. U.S. military airstrikes are usually carried out by drone, and have become a common tool in the effort to eradicate terrorism. The practice is controversial, and the controversy shows no sign of slowing down during the Trump presidency. …

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Why The Next U.S. President Should Forge Stronger Ties with Africa

By Raevyn Goates on April 8, 2016

DIPNOTE-U.S. Department of State

Nigerians Vote in Kaduna, Nigeria, in the Country’s March 2015 Presidential Elections

For the seven years or so that he’s been in office, U.S. President, Barack Obama has focused on the African continent. This is something that is not talked about much, despite such accomplishments as holding the first US-Africa Leaders’ Summit in 2014. Before him, President George W. Bush was praised for his Africa policy.

Since the beginning of the 2016 U.S. election season we at Africa Agenda have paid attention to Africa-related issues that have come up in the debates, interviews and town-hall meetings in which the candidates have participated.…

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Obama Delivers Final State of the Union – What Does it Mean for Africa?

By Raevyn Goates on January 15, 2016

Evan Vucci/AP

President Barack Obama delivers his State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington, Jan. 12, 2016.

United States President, Barack Obama delivered his final State of the Union address on Tuesday, January 12.

In his speech, Obama focused on a number of ideas, including the fact that America has never stopped being great, that diplomacy is a better way to deal with conflict, and that all Americans – regardless of differences in their religion, origin, or political ideology – need to work together to improve the country and the world.

Barring all political spin, it was a good, inspiring speech that reminded us that America has has done great things in the past, and it is capable of doing great things in the future.…

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In Case You Missed It 10/26/15 – 11/1/15

By Raevyn Goates on November 2, 2015


Ugandans drink a home-brewed drink known as “Malwa.” As the African economy grows, home-brews like Malwa may be on the way out.

The most important in this week’s headlines out of and concerning Africa, for those who need help catching up.

This week brings news of a beer merger which impacts consumers in Africa, a change in AGOA trade benefits, and terror in Somalia.


  1. Beer Merger Hints at Economic Change

Anheuser-Busch InBev has agreed to pay $100 Billion for rival SABMiller in Africa. Currently, many Africans drink cheap, home-brewed drinks. Anheuser-Busch sees these people as potential customers, and hopes to cash in on growing African economies.…

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