Obama majority includes many who are yearning for real engagement with Africa

By George Bamu on November 12, 2012

The Denver Post

World Reacts to Obama Victory-

The recriminations are pouring in; Mitt Romney and the GOP lost the elections, big time. What’s the reason for the loss? Let’s take a look at what people are saying in America and beyond.

Many pundits, including those who wrongly predicted the outcome of the elections, attribute the main cause to changing U.S. demographics.  Ross Douthat, a conservative voice for the New York Times editorial pages calls this change, “The Obama Realignment.”

Douthat wrote, rather candidly on November 7, a day after the elections, “The age of Reagan is officially over, and the Obama majority is the only majority we have.” What a statement!…

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Opinion: U.S. Politics, Leave Mali Alone!

By George Bamu on October 27, 2012

BBC News/Getty Images

Mali’s civilian leader; President Dioncounda Traore (left) with Prime Minister Diarra

The idea that Mali is a snap shot of what goes on in Africa is a crazy one.  It’s a crazy idea because Mali is the newest impression when talk of Africa comes up at any moment. At least that’s what happens when Americans continue to see Africa from the lens of one fractured African nation.

Problem is, there are not many fractured or disintegrated African nations left in 2012.

By contract, most African nations today, two-thirds of which lie below the Sahara, are fully functional entities, with legitimate and stable governments and institutions in place.…

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Suddenly, Northern Africa thrusted into U.S. presidential politics

By George Bamu on September 16, 2012

Wall Street Journal

Middle East Unrest

If you thought foreign policy would remain a non-issue in the current race for the U.S presidency, think again. While the pundits were “talking a good game” about the economy and jobs, abortion, immigration, few had given thought to the obscure movie trailer posted on YouTube, bashing Islam,  and the potential consequences it could bring to the race for the White House.

Point is, no one saw this coming. Not even the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency(CIA.) What exactly went wrong is the subject of this interesting Washington Post opinion piece.

Here we are with a heated talk of foreign policy, a few weeks before November 6.…

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Ignoring Africa during U.S. Elections won’t make it go away

By George Bamu on August 11, 2012


Barack Obama/Mitt Romney

As Election Day in America draws close, U.S. voters are asking their candidates for office all sorts of questions. Some are questions the candidates and their campaigns don’t like or want to address right now. For example: What would you do about too many guns in the hands of Americans. That’s the question that has popped up in reaction to the recent shootings in Colorado and Wisconsin.

Yet, the ears of the world is tuned in to U.S. politics, as people listen and watch the spectacle of American democracy in action, the attack ads in the media, the machinations of Super PACs and money wars, plus the will of voters to vote as they please, to elect the leader of the free world.…

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