You Have an Impact: Breaking the Africa Stereotype

Making an impact – Building on our rich experience and networks to break the stereotypes.

Table 1:  How can we make a visit to an African country or countries that makes a difference?

Table 2:  How can we contribute to address  big health issues holistically?

Table 3:  How can we get involved with good businesses or start ones ourselves?

Table 4:  What are ways to assist organizations with compelling visions for development?

Table 5:  How can we encourage American political leaders to pursue better policies with African countries?

Table 6:  How can we work together to reinforce local and global peace?

Table 7:  What are ways to immerse ourselves in Africa’s rich and diverse cultural wealth?

Table 8:  What are ways to root for African sports and athletes?

Table 9:  How can we write about opportunities and achievements from Africa to inspire others to get involved?

Table 10:  What are good ways to engage with the African diaspora?

Table 11: How can we find and buy great products from Africa?

Table 12: How can we support and advocate for a sustainable environment?

Table 13: How can we empower women to lead in building strong links with the continent?

Table 14: What are strategies to encourage newspapers and media to improve coverage of African news and issues?

Table 15: How can we empower youth to lead in building strong links with the continent?