July 12, 2016 @ 8:00 am – 7:30 pm
Posner Center for In'tl Dev
1031 33rd St
Denver, CO 80205
Africa Agenda
Africa Agenda
Africa Agenda Posner Center

The Africa Agenda Challenge

The Posner Poverty Hack: A Hackathon To Fight Global Poverty

Africa Agenda was recently selected as one of three organizations to participate in the 2016 Posner Center Poverty Hackathon to fight global poverty.

For three days, July 10 to 12, we will bring together business people, computer programmers, coders, journalists, international development experts, activists, students, academia, and others, to attempt to “hack” a solution to the Africa Agenda challenge. #AfricaAgendaChallenge

The challenge is to envision and create a new digital strategy and news service for Africa Agenda as a vehicle for changing the way people understand, talk about, and interact with Africa. This system would engage various African communities and the public with African news and information. A successful interface would support the inclusion of diverse voices and build collaboration among organizations and individuals working in, or passionate about, Africa.

As we gear up to the event, we are now recruiting  volunteers who would lend their expertise to help create this new digital strategy and news service for Africa Agenda. If interested, please contact us as soon as possible.

We’re seeking individuals with demonstrated experience in website development, graphic design, social media strategy, content management and news aggregation, journalism and non-profit management. Africans and other individuals with in-depth experience in Africa are encouraged to participate.

Africa Agenda works to foster understanding and engagement with Africa and African society in a fair and unbiased way. #AfricaAgendaChallenge

For more information, and to contact Africa Agenda, please send an email to office@AfricaAgenda.org, call 303-341-1301, or go here for more information.


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